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What's Been Happening.
Love Hearts vs Floral Headbands for Glastonbury!
Kawaii Jewellery Fries Ring added to our online store.
Waffle Cone Necklace new for Summer.
Amazing kitsch jewellery item for everyone who loves a piece of unique handmade jewellery.
Roses Necklace now available.
Double the fun with our Fruit Necklace and Fruit Bracelet matching set.
Box of Macaroons Necklace.
Refreshers Ring at Punky Allsorts.
Our Cake Stand Ring is a statement in itself!
Have some fun in the sun with this colourful piece of wrist wear!
Gorgeous Kawaii Jewellery item the Macaroon Heart Ring.
The Bertie Bassett Necklace joins the Bertie Ring in our online jewellery boutique!
Relaunched Afternoon Tea Necklace.
Kitsch Jewellery Alert, Hello Coca Cola Bracelet.
Like a tea cup ring but better it's the hot chocolate ring.
If you love liquorish allsorts jewellery then you'll love the new Bertie Bassett Ring.
New Collection of Money themed rings have just launched.
The Toy Car Ring you can't control!
Punky Allsorts Gift Vouchers make a great unique gift.
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